• The Welding Wave of the Future

    Mig-it is one of the newest welding products, and was the star of the American Welding Society Exposition and International Welding 73rd Annual Convention in Chicago.
    The Mig-it provides ultraviolet eye protection when placed between the welding arc and the eyes.....
    This revolutionary safety device protects the operator by significantly decreasing sparks and spatter while minimizing contact to the body, face, and arms.
    Mig-it is designed to be used in many applications from hard to reach places to tack welding. This made-in America patent pending device simplifies Mig welding safety techniques and increases user production capability. Welders are able to weld more efficiently and enjoy protection from a shield specifically designed to mount on the neck of all Mig torches. Mig-it also has universal, extendible plastic neck, each link detachable, with a full range of motion, enabling the operator to quickly adjust the device for a multitude of welding applications. The unit easily pops off the bracket for large jobs requiring a complete hood. Mig-it is a high quality, lightweight product made with a polycarbonate lens which meets OSHA and 1989 ANSI Z87.1 standards and specifications. Mig-it lenses are available in a scale from light to dark numbered 8, 9, 10, 11and 12.
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  • Here is what the Mig-It shield will do for you:

    *Eliminate the helmet for tack welding and tight spots
    *Easily attaches to all Mig welders and plasma guns
    *Versatile range of motion
    *Controls flash
    *Minimizes heat and splatter
    *Lens meets OSHA and Z87.1 standards
    *Detachable shield, replaceable clear lens
    *Lightweight - higher productivity
    *Ends "Look away" welding

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  • Click here to see a video of the Mig-It Shield.

  • Magnetic Mig-It Shield:

    Click to Enlarge - Magnetic Base Mig-It Shield The Mig-It is also available with a magnetic base (order Part# 6209MB). Used by schools, welding inspectors, and places where putting on a complete helmet is not feasible.
    Click here to Order the Magnetic Mig-It Shield


    Mig-It - Click to Enlarge The Mig-It shield works on mig guns and works great on plasma cutters too! Even works on your plasma table. Mig-It - Click to Enlarge

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