Accustrike Customer Testimonials

  • David Goodrow says...

    Well my AccuStrike helmet is now 2 years old and still working like new. I had to replace a couple minor parts probably from being a little rough on occasion but it’s still the best helmet I have ever owned! I use this helmet 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.
    David Goodrow

  • Sean says...

    Do you currently have any distributors of your product in Alberta? I recently tried one of your accu-strike helmets from a friend at work that relocated from Texas. I immediately preferred it to my Miller Elite helmet which I contacted you about earlier on Ebay. I went to your webpage today and promptly ordered one with a hardhat. Can you send me as much info as possible regarding distributor prices etc.. I live in the heart of the Alberta oil patch and I know these will be a big seller up here. I can't tell you how many people have changed back from their self darkening helmets, especially outside when it is cold and sunny, to the simple flip front welding helmet. Well, at least the $450 I spent on the Miller helmet was 100% tax write off : )

  • From Sexton Welding Company, Inc.

    Sexton Welding Company, Inc.
    PHONE (606)325-2121 * (606)325-0677

    Re: Chin-Lift Helmet
    Dear Sirs,
    After using your helmet for two months, we are completely satisfied with it and expect to equip more of our men with it very soon.
    As we are a heavy industrial job shop (our customers are steel mills, chemical plants and mining machinery outfits) we have tried the electronic lenses, and found them to fragile and expensive for our environments, and we and our worker's comp carrier felt the electronic lenses posed a liability problem by allowing that initial arc flash, particularly when doing repetitive tacking on large weldments. In Kentucky, workers have gotten large awards on claims with much less merit.
    Please let us know if there are any suppliers in our area, on the chance we may already be dealing with them for other items.
    Sexton Welding Company, Inc.
    Douglas S. Crawford

  • Trever Lee says...

    It has been a while since I ordered your mask, but I had to give it a while and just last weekend found myself usingyour mask exclusively.
    Occasionally (when more than 1 of us is welding) i put on my old mask - but when solo it's all your mask.
    One thing missing from your site and it is the main reason I purchased your mask is that inverter TIG welding does not put off enough light to kick-off my auto-darkening mask - so I got buzzed a few times; and My sensitivity is cranked all the way to max.
    I just think it might be important to mention for other people out there using TIG.
    Trever Lee

  • From Life-Time Gate Co.

    Life-Time Gate Co.
    18155 S.W. TETON AVE.* TUALATIN, OREGON 97062
    PHONE (503)692-3020 * FAX (503)692-1723

    Dear Mr. Sirs;
    We manufacture tubular steel farm gates. While these products are quite large, they actually are built with many small welds. Flipping up the visor on a standard helmet becomes very tedious and time-consuming.
    In an effort to save time, we tried a few of your helmets. They were a success. After a little practice, the welders became proficient opening the lens with their chin.
    As we hoped, productivity increased. Since then, we have purchased many more of your helmets. And now, all our 12 welders use them.

    Randy Hare

  • From Woodrow Deskins

    Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, but I just now checked my E-mail. I wondered what happened ,figured it was a shipping snafu. I will ship the 2 ''flip up thingys" back to you Monday. Don't worry about the shipping, shit happens, I know how it is. Thank you for the great service and the wonderful helmets you build. I found out about you from a guy named Chuck Holloway, of Holloway welding. I've known Chuck for years and , was on a job with him a couple years ago when I noticed his 'peculiar' hood. When I asked him about it, he showed me how it worked and said it was the only one he uses. He then said I should run as fast as I could to the computer and buy at least one, or two. He told me if I did not fall in love with it, that he'd buy it from me. Well, guess what, I didn't sell it to him. I have 2 or3 of them and they have changed the way I weld! I will never own anything but an Accu-strike hood again. Sorry for the long winded response, but wanted to let you know how much I love your product and service. Again, I will ship those out to you Monday.
    Thank you.
    Woodrow Deskins

  • From Shade tree mechanic

    Not being a professional welder I need all the help I can get. The Accu-Strike is a great help to the shaky handed hobby welder! No more sticks stuck to the part or burnt marks on that innocent and expensive piece near the weld area! I am still not a great welder, but I now hit my mark every time like I was!
    Thanks Bunches
    Kelly Bumgarner

  • From Mr. Richard Hayes - Australia

    Hello from Australia,
    I just found your web site on Google, I have been having trouble with my eyesight for some time now and I am convinced it is a result of receiving multiple "Arc Flashes" from my "Auto Darkening Helmet". It's only my opinion but I think down the track we are going to see a repeat of the "Asbestos Industry" regarding these devices that "DO NOT FULLY PROTECT OUR EYES". Anyway the reason for my e-mail is to ask if you have any distributors or dealers of your product here in Australia, and if so could you please advise me of their contact details. Alternatively if you do not have any such agents may I ask if you would be interested in offering an agency to myself? Having reviewed your product on the I-net both from your web-site and your "Youtube" video I am very convinced you have a product that can definately offer a better alternative to these dangerous "Auto darkening devices".

    I look forward to your reply,

    Regards from Mr, Richard Hayes Australia, in Sincerity-Honesty-Integrity-Prosperity.

  • From Karl Gabel

    Dear Mr. Shafer,
    I purchased a Huntsman 951P with the AutoView® 1105VXLT auto darkening filter off Ebay - second hand to use in my stick welding class this semester at the local community college. It worked okay but it is no comparison to the Accu-Strike with the Omni-view lens. I received the Accu-Strike and accompanying lens today just in time for the last session of class. Not only was I able to see where I was striking but I was also able to see the puddle much better and had greater control over the weld. The difference was astonishing, particularly when I practiced some vertical and overhead welds. Too bad I didn't order earlier! I am looking forward to using my new Accu-Strike next semester in MIG Class. Thanks for a really excellent product - word will get around!

    Karl Gabel
    Henderson, NV

  • Anthony Cuellar says...

    Just wanted you to know that it took two minutes to get my new welding hood adjusted, and 30 seconds to get used to using it !!!!!!!! I've been using it continuously ever since and it is by far the best welding hood I've ever used, electronic or standard !!

    Anthony Cuellar
    UA 342, Steamfitter Local 102, Millwright

  • From James Wilkinson...

    First off let me tell you what a great helmet you have .. I weld production and man o man is this the cats meow .. the visor operates without ANY effort .. Very VERY welder friendly and I think you may get some orders from my people from my shop .. a better alternative to auto-glass than anything else , with no over the days time eye burn ..
    James Wilkinson
    Fremont, IN

  • From Jerry Haskett...

    Hi, I'm wanting to order a new accu-strike helmet, and some replacement parts for my old accustrike helmet. I also would like to tell you that the accustrike helmet Is the best helmet ever !! I work for a tractor trailer suspension company, and the pace is very fast. Your helmet is in a class of it's own!!
    Thank You,
    Jerry Haskett
    Lebanon IN

  • From Jon Leithiser...

    Hi, I bought an accu-strike from you all about 10 years ago and lately I had been wondering where I could get another one as mine is about wore out. I have even had to do some repairs on it. I had lost all my paper work on it right after I got it and so I didn't even know what it was called and I have never met any one else that had ever seen one like mine. Today I was cleaning out an old drawer full of junk and came across an ad about the welding helmet. I cranked up the DELL and typed in accustrike on Google and wow, its like magic, I get another chance in life to have a really great welding helmet. Thanks for having such a great product and for being still on the market. So many times, something really good comes along and one day its gone and just can't be found. Thank you again. I will be calling you tomorrow to order another.
    Thank You,
    Jon Leithiser

  • From Brian Martin...

    "Basics of Basics" MIG welding by Brian Martin
    MIG Welding Basics
    Let me start with safety, DO NOT SKIP, YOU NEED TO READ THIS. The UV rays that are produced at the weld can and will cause damage to your eyes you know that. But did you know that it WILL damage to your skin as well? I have gotten "sun burn" from welding. I have only "peeled" from regular sunburn a few times in my life (I have a dark Portuguese complexion) I have peeled from MIG welding more! This was a long time ago, I would never let that happen again. Wear a light long sleeve cotton shirt at the very least. You want jeans and high top boots on too. Wear welding gloves, go down to the local auto parts or hardware store and get yourself some nice SOFT gloves. Some are made so stiff that it is hard to work in them. I got some at ACE hardware that are dang near sensual ?. Get a good helmet, I have a Cherokee ( ) that is only about $90.00. It is a hands free helmet that you open the shaded lens with your chin! I have had it for about 15 years without a problem. When open it gives you a full 3x5-inch or so CLEAR lens, unlike the "self darkening" helmets that are always shaded. You can flip up the lens and grind anytime you want. I want the full control of when to see through a shade or not. I highly recommend this helmet. Also, another thing that I have only begun using a year or so ago (I hate thinking about how long I didn't use it) a welding respirator. A 3M NOISH approved are available at ACE hardware for about $18.00. If you are welding with weld-thru or "E" coat primer you are making ZINC FUMES! And can get "zinc fume fever" VERY easily. Even when welding clean metal, you are still making fumes that are hazardous. Be sure the respirator fits under your helmet. The Cherokee helmet for instance doesn't have room for a cartridge mask so a single throwaway is all that will work. HEAR ME NOW BELIEVE ME LATER, PROTECT YOURSELF. Even if you don't care about the protection because you are such a bad-a$$, do it because you will produce a better weld. It is hard to lay a nice bead when you have a hot molten ball of steel in your shoe or pants.
    Brian Martin

  • From Rapid Creek Cutters-Waterjet...

    I bought my first Accu-strike helmet back in college (Milford, Nebr.) 11 yrs ago, still have it, and have since bought two more. Other than lenses, I have not had to order a single replacement part for any helmet. I got the parts list back in 1995 figuring I would have to buy an occasional part or two, but that list has since been retired. It's better than any auto-darkening helmet I've ever seen, you never need to worry about batteries, or if "the sun is out" for the solar charged helmets, and is one of the handiest items I have ever bought. Thanks again for some great American ingenuity.
    Pat Burrington, President
    Rapid Creek Cutters-Waterjet
    Inkom, Idaho 83245



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