Hands Free Welding Helmets
Chin-Operated with more Features
than Light-Activated Helmets
These helmets were designed by a welder!


Watch the Accu-Strike Helmet in Action

Here is what the Accu-Strike helmet will do for you.

 All Helmets come with a regular ratchet headgear or can be ordered with a Hard Hat or Cooling Fan


         01HG10T                 02AG10                 01IBG10T      

 Regular Headgear           Hard Hat               Comfort Fan

Other Available colors:  Black Shell/Red Visor #01HG10T, or All Black #01HHG10T. Only Comfort Fan model available is Black Shell/Red Visor #01HIG10T

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(Helmets come with one shade 9 lens, one safety lens, & one clear cover lens.)

Each of these helmets will give you hands-free visor operation. Think of the time you could save if you didn't have to raise and lower your welding helmet by hand before each weld. With the Accu-Strike welding helmet, you can keep both hands on your work--and operate your visor just by raising and lowering your jaw. (1/4" or less) Less body movement means fewer missed strikes and faster, more productive welding.
You can see your work clearly without raising the entire helmet. You get a clean, accurate strike the first time. And if you weld in tight spots or in high places, the Accu-Strike helmet can not only save time--it can help you prevent injury.

Depending upon you situation, welding speed can double using the Accu- Strike helmet. At that rate, the helmet will pay for itself in a matter of days!

Since the helmet stays down while you're working, sideflash problems are virtually eliminated. Only the visor flips up and down--giving a welder a clear view of the weld without being subjected to the arcs of co-workers nearby.
There are now over 75,000 helmets sold, and they are being used in bodyshops, tool & die, ornamental Iron shops, repair shops, muffler shops, construction, etc. If you can use a free hand while welding then try this helmet!


The Accu-Strike helmet is formed of a high strength polycarbonate--lightweight yet strong and durable. It can be worn comfortably all day with little or no fatigue.
The visor contains a 3" x 5 1/4" polycarbonate shaded lens shielded by a clear polycarbonate lens. Behind these replaceable lenses is another replaceable lens of clear impact-resistant polycarbonate for protection while chipping or grinding. The view window is large enough to be used easily by bifocal wearers.

How it Works:

The chin strap operates the visor. Lower the jaw slightly and open the visor effortlessly! The amount of jaw movement controls the amount of opening. Release chin pressure and the visor closes in place. Visor can also be locked open for grinding or extended viewing. A slight (adjustable) nod of the head closes the visor.

The Accu-Strike helmet is fully adjustable to fit all welders. Comfort, accuracy, speed, and safety are good reasons to buy the Accu-Strike welding helmet. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Meets A.N.S.I. standards.
(Important safety information regarding lenses: The Accu-Strike helmet is inspected as a welding helmet and safety shield. It is very important to use Cherokee brand replacement lenses. There are a few companies selling cast resin lenses that will break on impact, so please ask for Cherokee Lenses or order them from our online order form.)


Our Products Carry a Two Year Warranty!


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